The 3 Tricks that Quickly Became Rules

Galaxy is the model of the B Cube Pergola system supported by 4 own carrier posts without any construction connection. In general, the application points of the products are pool edges, villa gardens, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues. B Cube Galaxy model is an ideal model for large area closings. The light system surrounding the four fronts is designed to fit both lighting and (RGB) ambient lighting. Thanks to the option of attaching the light to the panel profiles. 3 different light systems can be used at the same time. The panel structure that can rotate on its own axis can be adjusted from zero degrees to 120 degrees. Ideal for: Hotels, bars and premium leisure industry along with detached, semi-detached private houses. Max Width: 4000 mm Max Projection: 9010 mm Max Width: 4500 mm Max Projection: 8010 mm 36 sqm is the maximum usage area for a single system.